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Books on My Desk Right Now

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Here’s what I’m reading, or planning to read:
Crafty Mama by my friend Abby Pecoriello. The subtitle says it all: “49 Fast, Fabulous, Foolproof (Baby & Toddler) Projects.” The only problem for me… I’m not crafty AT ALL.
Crafty Mama Cover.JPG
Pregatinis: Mixology for the Mom-to-Be, by Natalie Bovis-Nelson. I had the great fortune to meet Natalie at a cocktail party for method that she bartended. She makes an amazing mojito. And the drinks in the this book look so good I’m going to give them a shot, even though I’m not planning on getting “preggatini.”
The No-Cry Nap Solution by Elizabeth Pantley. This one is from the bestselling author of “The No-Cry Sleep Solution.” We’re having some issues right now with our 2 year old who has developed a strong aversion to naps. So this one is kinda relevant.
A breastfeeding book of course… “Mommy’s Little Breastfeeding Book: 101 Tips Your Baby Wants You To Know About Nursing” by Michele Leigh Carnesecca. This book is amazing. It has all the main things a new mom needs to know about nursing. It’s presented as bullet points. Easy to read. Practical. A big thumbs up!
And finally, Are You Chanukah or Christmas? by another friend, Felicia Miller-Stehr. This picture book helps young kids, ages 2 to 7, understand the true meaning behind the season’s holidays.

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