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New Study Says Breastfeeding Helps You Lose Weight

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A new study found further evidence that breastfeeding can in fact help you lose weight. Here’s the link to the study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
And a summary from WebMD:
Researchers concluded that women who gain a reasonable amount during pregnancy and breastfeed exclusively are likely to lose all pregnancy weight six months after giving birth. They also estimate that women who breastfeed retain 2 kilograms (4.4 pounds) less than women who don’t breastfeed at six months after giving birth.

4 Responses to “New Study Says Breastfeeding Helps You Lose Weight”

I saw this same article at WebMD and was a bit surprised because this seems like such old news.
I guess it’s just another study proving the same thing :-)

I hope it does, i plan on breastfeeding my daughter when she’s born, i will do it either way but if loosing weight comes with the breastfeeding it would help out a lot so i won’t have to buy all new clothes again (I’m hoping to fit into my pregnancy clothes by the time I return to work)

My childbirth educator promised us that if we ate good food, then it didn’t matter how much weight we gained, we would nurse if off. If we didn’t eat well… well, she wasn’t going to make any promises. =) I gained 45 pounds and had lost all but 5 of it by my 6 week check up – no exercise or dieting at all. Most moms lose weight while nursing, but may have a hard time with the last 5 pounds until weaning. “Eat Well, Lose Weight While Breastfeeding” is a great resource for this. Happy nursing!

That’s so true, I lost 10 kg doing this, it’s totally true!

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