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Virtual Nurse In Planned on Facebook

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Poking around Facebook yesterday, I discovered a little bit of lactivism at work. Apparently, Facebook won’t let people post breastfeeding pictures. So some Facebooker’s are planning a virtual nurse-in, Saturday, December 27, 2008. They are going to all post breastfeeding pictures at the same time.
To sign up, go to Facebook, and type M.I.L.C. into the search bar. Mothers International Lactation Campaign should pop up. If you are having trouble finding it. Go to my Facebook page… look me up under Andi Silverman.
Here’s text of the petition:
Facebook continues to classify breastfeeding photos as obscene content. They continue to arbitrarily remove these photos from member albums and profiles, accompanied by warnings of account termination. This is highly discriminatory and an affront to nursing mothers everywhere. In protest of this, Mothers International Lactation Campaign (M.I.L.C.) has planned a virtual day of protest.
Not only is human lactation responsible for the very survival of our species, it is in no way a sexually explicit, lewd or despicable act. It is also protected by law in most countries, including specifically the state where Facebook is headquartered in the USA.
In protest to the discriminatory and unjust policy of Facebook administration classifying breastfeeding images as obscene content, on December 27th, 2008 M.I.L.C. is asking all of you to change your profile picture for one day, to one which includes an image of a nursing mom.
This could be a picture of you or someone you know nursing a child, it could be a painting or image of a sculpture of a breastfeeding woman, it could also be a photo or image of any nursing mammal….We ask that you include the status line of “Hey Facebook, breastfeeding is not obscene!”
In addition to this ‘virtual nurse-in’, there will be other events planned around the globe. Please check this page often for regular updates and added information. We will also be including images that you can use for your profile picture on December 27th.
Babies everywhere thank you for your support!!!!!

6 Responses to “Virtual Nurse In Planned on Facebook”

What a great idea! I am in!

This might just be worth finally signing up for Facebook.

This is a great idea but I can’t find the group on Facebook at all. I’ve searched for them using several different words / letter combinations. Could they have been booted off Facebook for this??

I am SO going to do this!!! Thanks for the heads up :)

As a photographer specializing in Breastfeeding Portraits, I’m especially excited to take part in this. I’m glad I found out before it passed! :D

As a photographer specializing in Breastfeeding Portraits, I’m especially excited to take part in this. I’m glad I found out before it passed! :D

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