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Massachusetts Governor Signs Breastfeeding Law

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It’s official. My home state of Massachusetts finally has a law that protects a mom’s right to breastfeed in public.
Here’s the link to the story in the Patriot Ledger.
Now just two states left to go before moms have some protection everywhere across the country. Come on North Dakota and West Virginia.
But let’s raise this question…. Why are we talking about a mom’s right to feed? Really, babies have a need to eat, wherever, whenever. Isn’t that what this is really about?

2 Responses to “Massachusetts Governor Signs Breastfeeding Law”

Weird that a hyper-liberal state like MA would be among the last to pass such legislation. I suspect there was never need to legalize it, thus explaining the lack of a law.

“I suspect there was never need to legalize it.”
One would hope that would be the case. But in fact there are incidents every week or so where a breastfeeding mom is harassed, even in states where there *is* legislation.

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