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A Report From the Denny’s Nurse In in Asheville, NC

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I found this blog post on Babyfingers, describing the nurse in at the Denny’s in Asheville, NC today. This was to protest the way a mom, Crystal Everitt, says she was treated while trying to nurse in the restaurant.
Here are some links:
Statement from Denny’s representative. Video from YouTube. I think he did a good job of clarifying Denny’s position that breastfeeding moms are welcome in the restaurants.
Some photos from the event.

2 Responses to “A Report From the Denny’s Nurse In in Asheville, NC”

Thanks for the link! He did say bfing moms were welcome; however, it was another case of “we support breastfeeding BUT.” There are no BUTS in breastfeeding support. They’re saying “Denny’s supports it, but if one narrowminded manager decides to kick a mom out, we won’t stop her.” That’s basically where we were at the end of the conversation. I personally want to KNOW if I am going to have the cops called on me or not, and at this point I’m just not sure.

Hi Andi, I just found your blog. How perfect, I am blogging about breastfeeding as well (! I will link to your site, I love it! Isn’t breastfeeding the best? I can’t wait to read your future entries.

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