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Breastfeeding News

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Lots going on in the breastfeeding category. Here are some of my latest finds from around the web:
From the Huffington Post, a mom writes about pumping in public. Even on the subway and at a bar.
A writer says people who play video games are more likely to breastfeed. An amusing, anecodotal and unscientific study.
A mother of octuplets says she wants to breastfeed. Is it possible?
This I love….. A California group is placing life-sized cardboard cut outs of nursing mothers in public places.

One Response to “Breastfeeding News”

I just read the HP article. I was really interested in the comment that breast implants are “intended to mimic the look of the milk filled breast (fullness above the nipple as well as below)”. I have never heard this. Is this true?

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