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More on Salma Hayek and Cross Nursing and a Poll

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As I wrote here earlier, the ABC show Nightline aired footage of Salma Hayek cross nursing a baby during her humanitarian trip to Sierra Leone.
The Celebrity Baby Blog has more on this story, as well as a poll asking people if they have ever cross nursed, or if they would do so. Click here to vote.
Alpha Mom blog has another interview with Hayek. Read it to learn about Hayek’s love for babies, boobs and stilleto boots.

2 Responses to “More on Salma Hayek and Cross Nursing and a Poll”

Thanks for posting about this.
I wanted to remind everyone reading this that cross nursing might not be healthy for mom or baby, especiall if you don’t know the mom well.

I thought she looked more beautiful nursing that sick little guy than she ever did on the red carpet.
Still her breasts certainly can attract attention can’t they? LOL

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