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Working Moms Pumping Breast Milk While Traveling

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Here’s an article from the New York Times. And an excerpt:
No longer are there tales of airport security guards forcing a breastfeeding mother to pour a two-day supply of her baby’s milk into the garbage or another to taste her own milk. But a business trip still presents an array of challenges for breastfeeding mothers…
“At many companies, working mothers can request to travel less, but some women have no choice,” said Suzanne Riss, editor in chief of Working Mother magazine in New York City.
Every year, Working Mother compiles a list of the 100 best companies for working mothers. Two companies from the list in 2008, Ms. Riss said, were noteworthy for their support of breastfeeding employees who must travel.
Ernst & Young, the New York City financial services company, provides free travel kits so that women on business trips can ship milk home to their babies. And the Boston Consulting Group, a management consulting firm based in Boston, helps women bring their babies on business trips by covering travel expenses for the infant and a baby sitter.
Ms. Riss called such programs “very cutting edge” and noted that they “go a long way” toward creating loyal employees. “But they’re still the exception, not the rule,” she added.

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