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Ohio Woman in Court: Says She Was Fired for Pumping At Work

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Here’s a case to watch: The Ohio Supreme Court is hearing arguments this week on whether a company discriminated against a woman by firing her for taking unscheduled breaks to pump breastmilk. From the Dayton Daily News:
LaNisa Allen, a former general laborer at a Totes/Isotoner Corp. warehouse in West Chester, is suing the company, saying it engaged in illegal gender discrimination by denying her extra restroom breaks to relieve pain caused by breast milk engorgement. She said other Totes workers weren’t required to seek permission for extra restroom breaks to relieve discomfort from menstrual symptoms or the need for frequent urination.
Allen’s attorneys say it’s gender discrimination because she was fired to relieve discomfort due to lactation, a condition exclusive to women.
Totes, which prevailed against Allen in a 2008 trial and a subsequent appeal, argues that the company didn’t discriminate because breastfeeding doesn’t legally constitute an illness or medical condition. The company says there is legal precedent showing that employers don’t have to give extra breaks to breastfeeding women.

2 Responses to “Ohio Woman in Court: Says She Was Fired for Pumping At Work”

Thanks for the heads up on this story.
There is something seriously wrong when this company doesn’t recognize the importance of pumping, not only for the baby’s health, but for mom’s health as well.
They should be ashamed.

This statement in particular:
“[Breastfeeding]is a serious time commitment that pretty much guarantees that you will not work in any meaningful way. ”
I was a director in an internet startup when I had my first baby and I couldn’t POSSIBLY have done ANY MEANINGFUL work because I was able to nurse and pump for my son. I mean come on.
This article is beyond infuriating. I want to smack her. I do. Call me nuts, but I’m pretty sure I’m on the species-specific milk bandwagon.

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