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Rhode Island and Breastfeeding, and an Ohio Mom is Ticketed For Breastfeeding While Driving

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Some tidbits for a snowy day here in the Northeast…
Rhode Island has a new law that allows women to breastfeed in public.
An Ohio mom was is headed to court for breastfeeding while driving. The reason… the child wasn’t in a car seat.
And here’s an essay in about breastfeeding and dating.

3 Responses to “Rhode Island and Breastfeeding, and an Ohio Mom is Ticketed For Breastfeeding While Driving”

I’m worried for any baby whose mother nurses her while driving. That is scary stuff. This coming from a mom who nurses her own babies until they’re well past babyhood, including in public – but hello, children of all ages need to be safely restrained in the car!

Wow, I would never try to nurse while driving! I hate to admit that I have thought about nursing while my husband was driving but I did come to my senses a few seconds later! I have pumped while driving, though but only once or twice and in very little traffic.

The lady driving while nursing is just 1000% different from moms nursing in public. I love to see moms nursing in public, but come on. Nursing your baby with her head right up against the steering wheel? The kid’s skull could’ve been crushed had any impact occurred, or the airbag could’ve punched or suffocated her. Does this woman also nurse her baby in a sling while she works over a boiling pot of water, or while she’s taking dinner out of a hot oven?

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