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Breastfeeding Products

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UPDATE: Here’s something else that just came my way:
The Shower Hug looks like a cool invention. It’s basically a big piece of fabric that you wear around your chest and close with velcro. The goal, making showers a little more comfortable if the direct flow of water hurts your breasts. Other uses.. a strapless bra or something to hold ice or heat packs.
Here are a couple of my recent finds:
The Peeky Boo Baby Nursing Blanket is different from any other product I’ve ever seen. It’s essentially a blanket with a removable, padded weight in one corner. You drape the blanket over your shoulder and the weight keeps it from falling down. The blanket can also be used as a changing pad, play mat, swaddling blanket or stroller cover. Great fabric choices too.
And here’s a Breastfeeding Support Kit from a company called Earth Mama Angel Baby. Inside you’ll find a special nursing tea, nipple cream, herbal breast compresses and breast packs that you can either microwave or freeze. I think this kit would make a great gift for a new mom. However, I haven’t personally tried any of these products, so I’ll leave feedback to anyone who has. Let me know what you think.

5 Responses to “Breastfeeding Products”

hai..i’ve tried the milkmaid tea when i was breastfeeding my 1st child when my milk supply was low..the taste was lovely….it worked wonders, it boosted up my milk supply….!!!now i’m breastfeeding my 2nd child, and thank god my milk supply is abundant…i haven’t take the tea yet, but will do so later…

I have used Earth Mama’s Nipple Butter before. I absolutely loved it!

I love EMAB products! Their nursing tea has helped me through difficult supply issues, and their ointment is great too to soothe soreness. Also, their bottom balm is fantastic if you can get a hold of it. It heals the perineum after birth, but is then great for hemmhroids, sore skin due to yeast infections, diaper rash, anything sore in a sensitive area really…

You can’t go wrong with the support kit. The MilkMaid Tea was fabulous and worked great while nursing with my first daughter.

The nursing blanket is great. The weighted corner works well, and it looks chic– better than a blanket with elephants and airplanes.
Added benefit, the black/white contrast pattern keeps my Sammy enthralled for about four minutes. Drape it on the side of his bouncy seat or swing, and I’ve got enough time to brush my teeth in silence. Yey!

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