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Looking For Product Suggestions

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Hey everyone… I’m looking for your favorite item that has made breastfeeding in public easier. Tell me what shawl, wrap, blanket, nursing cover, shirt, bra… you get it… you simply can’t live without. And if it isn’t one particular item, share your tricks of the trade. What makes nursing on the go easier for you? And what’s your favorite nursing in public story?

8 Responses to “Looking For Product Suggestions”

We love our reversible nursing covers. Both Theresa and I (Ashley) used them when we nursed in public- or our own house, when company came over. We love that you can use both sides as a fashionable momma!

I have a nursing cover I bought with my first son from Target that made things “a little easier” for me. I’m large so it’s always difficult for me to be discrete. I’m blessed to live in an area where there are nursing rooms provided in my church…but in stores i just find a dressing room because my daughter just won’t stay latched…she wants to play while she nurses. I think my funniest nursing story is with my youngest child. She was nursing in the dr’s office and when the dr came i had to stop nursing so he could check her and my milk sprayed across the room. My mom started laughing and the dr just looked at me with this strange expression on his face. I explained that i have a great letdown and once it comes it’s like a waterfall. Another reason i find dressing rooms to nurse in because otherwise i’ll spray anyone who passes when she loses her latch. LOL!

I had a bebe au lait cover. It was imperative for the first few months. Eventually I could have cared less who saw us nurse, but in the beginning with all the paraphernalia (nipple shield, breast pads, baby who couldn’t latch) it was necessary.
Also – the nursing tanktops from Target. I lived in those for the first 9 months. I think had at least 7, so I didn’t have to do laundry everyday.

I can live without wraps, blankets, slings, and nursing bras… but there IS one single thing that has made breastfeeding in public easy for me: “Total confidence in my legal protection to do so!” :D
I don’t enjoy flashing my boobs in public, but I know it’s sometimes just a necessary part of nursing, and accepting that reality early on made a big difference in my comfort level. And while I usually nurse discreetly enough that hardly anyone even realizes what I’m doing, I printed up little cards that I carry in my wallet just in case I need to educate anyone who gets offended by me feeding my baby while we’re out and about. They say:
Minnesota Statute ยง 145.905 (I live in Minnesota)
A mother may breast-feed in any location, public or private, where the mother and child are otherwise authorized to be, irrespective of whether the nipple of the mother’s breast is uncovered during or incidental to the breast-feeding.
History: 1998 c 407 art 2 s 83
Fortunately, no one has ever given me so much as a dirty look, let alone a hard time, and I think that’s partially because I exude total confidence, comfort, and pride in what I’m doing. :)

The absolutely easiest way for me to nurse comfortably, easily, and pretty much discreet is to wear a tank top with a built in bra. Nursing pads fit right in there well. Then a t-shirt over that and I’m good to go! All I do is pull down the tank top on one side & pull up the tshirt and voila! My post-pregnancy belly isn’t showing, my breats aren’t showing. For me, its WAY easier than nursing bras and my daughter won’t nurse under a blanket or nursing cover.
By the way, thanks for all the great posts!

I have breastfed anywhere and everywhere, and most who come up to us are shocked to find out that the cute baby they would like to coo at is actually eating away! With larger breasts, nursing tops really don’t help much! I find wearing a low tank top under everything the best solution. I just pull my breast out the top of the tank, and pull my over-shirt up over my breast and nurse. You can adjust the top shirt to show literally nothing once latched.

I created a breastfeeding cover (Mamascarf) following my own experiences of breastfeeding in public. I was always self conscious feeding in public and had a few nightmare situations, one was on a plane sat next to a group of drunk men on a stag do. I had to get my husband to make a human barrier between me and them. Mamascarf not only provides privacy but also gives support without the need for a cushion. Happy Breastfeeding!

I have only one nursing cover, and it’s a relatively inexpensive one made by Kushies. I call it my cape, and my family (and cousins…) know me by my flying yellow cape. I always tend to continue wearing it around my neck, because you never know when DS will feed again! I nursed in a bowling alley recently and was always going up for my turn, that I just kept the darn thing on, flipping my “cape” onto my back like Superman, as “SuperMom”, and my family kept on howling with me! Good times I’ve had, me and my cape!

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