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A Breastfeeding Doll

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All I have to say is, it’s about time. Every doll I’ve ever seen has a bottle. Now, at long last, we have a doll that “breastfeeds.” It’s called Bebe Gloton and is made by a Spanish company called Berjuan. Here’s a demonstration video:

ABC News says the doll is creating a bit of an “uproar.” And some of the ladies on The View aren’t big fans. But really, what’s the harm? And isn’t it best that kids learn how nature intended us to feed our young?

5 Responses to “A Breastfeeding Doll”

I think the boob shirt is weird, but heck yeah, so down with a doll withOUT a bottle for once! I’m guilty of throwing the bottles away. ;-)

My daughter always nurses her dolls! This is weird, nor should it cause an uproar!! It’s something that is already happening in breastfeeding households.
I’ve ordered one =)

That is so kool. So going to share this info with my friends.

I think it is the shirt that is freaky with fake flower nipples. Many little girls pretend to breastfeed dollies if mom breastfeeds

[...] written about this one before… a “breastfeeding” doll made by a Spanish company.  But back then, it wasn’t on sale in the U.S. Now it’s [...]

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