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Updated: Contest for a Medela Nightime Nursing Bra

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UPDATE: And the winner, picked by the folks from Medela, is….Elita. Here’s her comment from below: That bra does look comfy. My favorite nighttime nursing memory was once when I was breastfeeding my son in the glider and he was just asleep when my husband walked into the room and woke him up. I tried to “shush” him and rock him back down, but he sat straight up and screamed “Dadadooooo!” He had never said that before and it just struck us as really funny and we started laughing and then he started laughing too.
Would you like a chance to win this lovely blue, nighttime nursing bra made by Medela? It looks so soft, it almost makes me nostalgic for those 3 a.m. feedings!
Medela is offering 3 moms a chance to win this bra in recognition of World Breastfeeding Week. So what do you need to do? Leave a comment telling me your favorite nighttime nursing story. And if you’re still pregnant, leave a comment about either a crazy dream you’ve had while pregnant, or how you’re managing to sleep at night.
The contest runs from August 1st to the 15th. I’ll announce a winner on the 16th. (Only entries from the U.S. please).

20 Responses to “Updated: Contest for a Medela Nightime Nursing Bra”

That bra does look comfy. My favorite nighttime nursing memory was once when I was breastfeeding my son in the glider and he was just asleep when my husband walked into the room and woke him up. I tried to “shush” him and rock him back down, but he sat straight up and screamed “Dadadooooo!” He had never said that before and it just struck us as really funny and we started laughing and then he started laughing too.

My little one just turned a year, and she no longer wakes up in the middle of the night to nurse. But when she did… my favorite times were just listening to the quiet sounds of the nighttime — the guy across the street coming home from his job at the hospital (where he works unconventional hours), the whir of the heating/air conditioning, the sound of my husband snoring… The little things!

I am stil pregnant and would love to win this bra.. I am due in october.. I have had a few crazy dreams but the one that sticks out to me is a dream where i was nursing and then all the sudden i looked down at my baby and it was a teenager! I Still laugh about this …

I am still preggo. 33 weeks… well nearly. I have wild dreams all the time, but lately they have been calm. I don’t manage to sleep very well,… I lay there for hours until I finally get comfy then I wake at leat 3 times that doesn’t include the potty break at 3:30-5am… then my hubs alarm goes off at 4:45am… so i’m kinda sleepless…
thanks for the chance to win. looks comfy!

At one point in time (an often still) I had two frequent nighttime nurslings. 13 month old DD1 and her new baby sister would both be looking (or calling) for Mommy for their ‘boh-boh’s’ and with the help of DH I would manage to feed DD2, and once asleep tend to DD1.
One night when DD1 was about 15 months old, she was in bed with us as well as DD2. I thought I was dreaming about being caught on a tree branch when I woke up to find DD2 trying her hardest to unhook my nursing bra and nurse on the top side while her baby sister was nursing on the lower breast! This was so new to me…
She was adamant, and for the rest of that feeding DH had to sit up and hold DD2 balanced on my upper side, while I lay and nurse both of the girls… One on the bed on the lower breast, and DD2 balanced like a cat on my upper side with DH for support.
It was our first experience with tandem nursing and what a time and place!!
We eventually got pretty good at it, as DD2 could do it herself, and this easy open nursing bra reminded me of it! I wish I had it then, lol.

So far the strangest pregnancy dream I have had was that there was a window in my tummy that everyone else could see through except me! I can hardly see my feet at this point, but to make matters worse I couldn’t see my unborn daughter moving around while everyone around could. People would say, “Oh, how cute! She waved.” or “She is blowing bubbles!” But I was just frustrated. I guess I can’t wait to see her. Thank goodness I only have a month left with my pregnancy!

The first that comes to mind is from when my daughter, child number 3 out of 4, was just a few weeks old. I would normally start her out for the night in the pack n play next to my bed and she’d finish out the night with me once she woke to nurse. One night I thought she was in bed with me, that I’d fallen asleep nursing her, but when I woke up she wasn’t there. I panicked, thinking she had fallen out of the bed and must have died instantly as I hadn’t heard her cry. I lay there in complete terror, afraid to look. I finally did and she was snoozing happily in the pack n play. Yikes, those days of sleep deprivation really do a number on our mommy minds!!

I am very new to nursing as DD is just four weeks old and our nights are pleasantly uneventful, except for last Saturday. We live in an apartment style condo complex where I can hear the comings and goings of neighbors. I heard the noises of keys from across the hall, and then the sound of metal against metal. From the peep hole I could see our very young and very inebriated neighbor struggling to get the key into the lock. I thought about helping and then realized that I was naked from the waist up with DD latched on–better to stay indoors!

Well I’m actually still pregnant. I’m due Oct 4.This is our first baby and it a boy. Im so excited. It takes me about 1 to 2 hours every night to get comfortable enough to go to sleep. Which doesn’t last very long anyways because of the late night potty breaks. Ive had a lot of crazy dreams while pregnant. The most recent one was that i was home all alone one day (Which is normal because I’m on bed rest) while my boyfriend was at work. And i was laying in the bed sleep and when i woke up i realized that i had went into labor early. Not only early in time since I’m not due for 2 more months but when i woke up the baby was crowning. So I was freaking out trying to call an ambulance and my cousin who is a nurse. And before i knew it, i had the baby all by myself. But the craziest thing was i went to go breastfeed the baby but my milk wasn’t ready. There was completely nothing whatsoever coming out. So needless to say i was having a fit because i didn’t have a car to go get formula or any formula here since i planned to breastfeed and my baby was hungry. Then i woke up from my nap lol. I called my boyfriend and told him what happened and to bring home a can of formula home just in case but he told me it was just a dream and that everything would be fine. And that as soon as i have the baby my milk will come in.

I’m currently looking for a comfortable sleep bra and this one looks like it would be!

My first would nurse and go right back to sleep, which was lovely. I’m hoping #2, who is due in a couple months, is the same way!

my fave stories of nighttime bf’ing were all the times he slept great right afterwards… BLISS!

My favorite is when she is really sleepy and she opens her eyes just a little bit looks up smiles at me and then goes back to eating with her eyes closed…it melts my heart.

I was nursing my four-week-old son early one morning last week, a 5 a.m. feeding, and was simultaneously proofreading a manuscript of the novel I’m writing. This is my fifth child, and I grab private moments for writing whenever I can, because they are like gold. As I was feeding the baby, my oldest son pried open the door and peeked inside. He’s eight years old and an early riser, but usually reads in bed.
I am not proud to admit that my first feeling was dismay that I was going to be robbed of my editing time, but I smiled and said, Good morning. He looked sheepish and stood in the doorway. “Can I come in and read with you?” he asked. I said, Of course, but I assumed that we’d be chatting, not reading. But he came in with his book and sat beside the glider and started reading silently next to me.
Feeling guilty that we should be taking advantage of this private time — I don’t often get one-on-one time with each of my kids — I started talking to him about a Lego contest he’s entering. He smiled and said, “Thanks for asking, but can I just read my book? You can too, mom.”
We sat like that for 20 minutes, each reading our respective things while the baby fell asleep at my breast and the sun began to shine around the edges of the shades. And it was a wonderful way to start the day.

I’m pregnant. A couple of months ago I had a dream that I was pregnant with a litter of kittens as well as dd. The kittens were due to come before the baby and I was very worried that would make the baby come early. I was trying to convince the dr. to do something about the kittens so that my baby would stay safe. Between the kittens and the baby, the baby won, but no one would listen to me. Ah…pregnancy. Now I just can’t sleep.

I remember that my dr had me wake up my child in the middle of the night to feed her. I did it too!

Well DD can’t nurse because she aspirates but let me tell you it is quite an interesting thing to pump in the middle of the night. Occassionally I have fallen asleep only to wake up 45 minutes later in a puddle of milk and still pumping :)

This is my second child but the first I’ve nursed.She is just barely 3 weeks old so I’m still in that zombie stage trying to adjust to waking up. She is taking very well and usually only wakes up once or twice, feeds a while then goes back to sleep. For the first time she decided the only way she’d sleep is if I hold her. I’m scarred of falling asleep in my bed with her because my two year old usually ends up there and she is a wild sleeper. So i decided to sit on the couch, trying my hardest to stay awake until she fell back asleep. So i wake up a few hours later sitting straight up with the baby perfectly positioned in my arms. I almost laughed at myself just imagining what it would look like if someone had seen me. My neck had a kink for the whole day. I’ll be ready for this tired stage to be over.Still i treasure the memories.

still preggo and i have not found a comfy way to sleep yet im looking its so hot here too so im just miserable thanks for the chance to win

My son is 7mths old. The siblings are 16,15 and 12yrs old. Could you imagine after 12 long years not having a baby around and you are back in business.. I am a working mom and being able to breastfeed him fulltime is such a wonderful feeling and experiences that a mom could ever have. Nightime feedings are a very special moments for us in its very special way. Love seeing a calm, contented and secured feeling face on my breast. Love the little fingers squeezing my finger while nursing.. Love the “sometimes” smile he gave while the nipple is still inside his mouth and eyes deep closed.. :) And the thought that he is getting “the best” is most wonderful, satisfying feeling..

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