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Michigan Target Store Asks Breastfeeding Mom To Leave

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The Crunchy Domestic Goddess blog brought this story to my attention… a mom ran into trouble breastfeeding her 4 week old baby at a Target store in Harper Woods, Michigan. Store managers called the police and the mom was escorted out.
The local Fox channel has an interview with the mom and dad:
FOX 2 contacted Target’s corporate headquarters. They tell us they allow mothers to breast-feed in their stores. But, “This specific situation escalated to a point where we were concerned for the safety of our guests, so law enforcement was called. We regret the incident in our store and will continue to provide a shopping environment that respects the needs of all guests, including nursing mothers.”
“Forcing me out of the store. Two security guards, the manager or team leader, two officers, they just made a spectacle and a scene. I feel like I can’t go to that specific Target anymore,” Mary Martinez said.
In addition to talking with the corporate management at Target, we spoke to the manager of the Harper Woods store. She says breast-feeding is certainly not discouraged inside of her store.

If you want to express your concern with this, there are multiple choices. See Breastfeeding 123 as well as the Crunchy Domestic Goddess post.

3 Responses to “Michigan Target Store Asks Breastfeeding Mom To Leave”

How the hell does bf’ing a baby put other customers in danger? Such a shame..

Oh, this just makes me sick to my stomach. That poor family. I will buy my diapers elsewhere now.


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