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Coupon For MilkStars Breastfeeding Tops

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Here’s a cool approach to a nursing top… one I haven’t seen before. The MilkStars tops have two layers of fabric. You lift the top layer, the bottom layer stays in place and reveals a spot where you can nurse your baby.
I haven’t tried the shirt myself, but it looks really cool. Jamie Rubin, the founder of MilkStars contacted me, and she’s offering folks who read Mama Knows Breast a coupon to buy a top on her site, You’ll get 15% off through the month of January. When you check out, enter this code: MKBCOUPON

One Response to “Coupon For MilkStars Breastfeeding Tops”

Very cute shirt, *love* the color. I have a nursing shirt that works the same way from Gap Maternity (but, since it was Gap, it was only available in black, brown, and gray. Boring.)

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