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Stephen Colbert on Breastfeeding

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Thanks to Tanja at The Motherwear Breastfeeding blog for pointing me to this! Stephen Colbert feeds his Grammy!

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Stephen Apologizes for Feeding His Grammy Baby Food
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Baby Slings

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There’s a great piece in the New York Times today about the growing popularity of baby slings. Parents are reportedly ditching their strollers and taking to “wearing” their kids.
For me, the Baby Bjorn didn’t work as the kids got heavier, and I could never quite figure the sling thing out. Even though a friend sent me a detailed letter and a photograph of herself wearing a sling, I just couldn’t get it. I would have been lost without my stroller. Or strollers.
The sling thing, if I had been able to figure it out, would have been great. But there is a caveat to this. Just this week, the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced that it is issuing a warning about certain types of slings. From the NYT:
But as carriers have grown more popular, their safety has been questioned, with particular alarm about bag-style slings, which have contributed to the suffocation deaths of several infants. On Tuesday, Inez M. Tenenbaum, the head of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, announced a forthcoming warning about slings, saying that “we know now the hazard scenarios for very small babies” carried in them. Many specialty stores, like Metro Minis, do not sell bag-style slings whose safety has been challenged, and instructs buyers to position babies in any sling upright and tight against the caregiver.
In 2007, the Infantino sling was recalled because the straps were breaking and babies were falling out of the slings. Read this.

Farewell to the Blog Breastfeeding 123

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For nearly 4 years I’ve gotten to know Angela at Breastfeeding 123. Angela ran an amazing blog that was informative and reassuring for thousands of breastfeeding moms and their partners. She is a tireless blogger, an amazing advocate for moms and kids, and a kind and generous blogging friend.
Unfortunately Angela just found out that the parent company for her blog, B5 Media, is shutting down her blog along with some of its other sites. Angela didn’t have a chance to do a good bye post, so I’m giving up my site to her here today. Here’s what she has to say:

Last Friday without warning the blog network that owns Breastfeeding 1-2-3 terminated my contract along with that of every other blogger that was under contract. I am sad to have my relationship with the blog and its faithful readers end that way, without even a chance to say goodbye. Thanks to [Andi of Mama Knows Breast / Tanya of the Motherwear Breastfeeding Blog] I am getting this chance.
I have thoroughly enjoyed writing for Breastfeeding 1-2-3 over the last three-and-a-half years. As my time as a breastfeeding blogger comes to a close and I move on to other endeavors, I just wanted to say goodbye and thank you for the support you have shown me and other breastfeeding mothers! Best wishes, Angela White”
Thanks again,

Breastfeeding News: “The Office” and a Problem at A Daycare Center

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There have been a lot of breastfeeding stories popping up in the past few days. Odd how these things seem to come in clusters.
First off, in celebrity news, we have Angela Kinsey of The Office, trying to get the show’s writers to include breastfeeding and pumping. I believe the Pam birth episode just aired. So more to come on that in
Also, there’s the story of a daycare director who resigned, after she allegedly gave a baby the wrong pumped milk. Here’s the video.

More to come in another post. Off to the bus stop right now….