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Breastfeeding News: “The Office” and a Problem at A Daycare Center

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There have been a lot of breastfeeding stories popping up in the past few days. Odd how these things seem to come in clusters.
First off, in celebrity news, we have Angela Kinsey of The Office, trying to get the show’s writers to include breastfeeding and pumping. I believe the Pam birth episode just aired. So more to come on that in
Also, there’s the story of a daycare director who resigned, after she allegedly gave a baby the wrong pumped milk. Here’s the video.

More to come in another post. Off to the bus stop right now….

One Response to “Breastfeeding News: “The Office” and a Problem at A Daycare Center”

Did you watch The Office yet? Did you realize that in the episode Pam accidentally breastfeeds another baby? It’s pretty funny.
The episode was pretty spot-on with the formula-pushing postpartum nurse (When the nurse says they’ll give the baby a bottle in the nursery, Pam insists she doesn’t want the baby to get nipple confusion and the nurse says, “oh you’re an expert.”), a new mom needing help getting started with breastfeeding and a dad’s obliviousness about how breastfeeding works – Jim thinking she needs to “push” the milk out. And slight absurdity with a male LC. There were two guys in my CLC class but I’m not sure if they planned to be full-time CLCs or use the lactation training in another main career – for example, one dude was a speech therapist. I’m not sure if the advice and technique the LC offers was accurate but it was good they had someone help her!
Pam uses a Hooter Hider a few times but other times she doesn’t – just opens her hospital gown. The first time she uses the Hooter Hider she’s in her hospital room with just Jim which is pointless but later she uses it while she’s waiting outside of the hospital which is a little more realistic.
For me the funniest bit was Jim saying he’s a diapering expert and they show a montage of him diapering various things including a baby doll, basketball, and then… well, you should watch it because the editing and reaction shot on a co-worker’s face is masterful!
Anyway, it was the most accurate portrayal of breastfeeding I’ve seen on a TV show, including those birth/baby shows on TLC.

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