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Happy Birthday to This Blog

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Holy cow! Or maybe I should say holy breast milk… I noticed that I just wrote my 500th blog post here. Lo and behold, this milestone coincides with the birthday of this blog. I started writing Mama Knows Breast in 2006, when one of our kids was a newborn. (Archives here).
I’ve seen a lot happen in the four years that I’ve been writing about breastfeeding. I published a book, found other blog-mates who are devoted to breastfeeding and seen countless breastfeeding stories come and go in the news. But one thing remains constant, the Internet is an ever-expanding resource for moms and dads. Our parents certainly didn’t have anything like this when we were kids. And even 15 years ago, most parents didn’t just jump online any time they needed guidance.
The Internet certainly can’t replace the advice of a doctor, nurse, midwife or lactation consultant. And it certainly doesn’t provide the emotional guidance and reassurance that friends and family can sometimes offer. But it does give parents a launching pad to get help. And for that, we’re all very fortunate.
I can only imagine, when our kids are grown-up, how they’ll find our notions of the Internet antiquated. By then they’ll probably be communicating by telepathy. But for now, to readers of this site and my fellow bloggers, thank you for reading this site and sharing your thoughts and ideas. Now… if I just had some cake and a candle… the day would be complete.

4 Responses to “Happy Birthday to This Blog”

Upload a virtual birthday cake and candles to your iPad! Yes, the times are certainly changing!
Happy Birthday MKB!


Happy 500th birthday! :) It’s been so great getting to know you these last four (!) years.

go for another 500…. mamaT

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