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Looking for Advice on Buying a Washing Machine and Dryer

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So this is not your typical Mama Knows Breast post… but I’d love to get some suggestions from everyone out there.  We need to buy a new washing machine and dryer.  I’m aiming for front loading machines since they are more energy efficient.  I’ve been checking reviews and am stymied.  Tell me what you use and why you think it’s great or horrible.

4 Responses to “Looking for Advice on Buying a Washing Machine and Dryer”

We’re moving in a few days and need to get a new washing machine so I’ve been researching and researching. This is what I’ve decided to get.

I’m going with the top loader because I’ve had a bad experience with my front loader. It eats my clothes and clogs everything up and floods and it tears apart my clothes and it takes forever to wash a load. To wash a load of cloth diapers takes 5-6 hrs. Apparently this is very common with front loaders.

This top loader has some water efficient capabilities, but you can do a plain old regular kind of load if you need to and it takes regular detergent so I can use homemade detergent or washing soda.

But it seems like they just don’t make them like they used to and everything has poor longevity. :(

We just purchased a Samsung front loader washer and dryer. We did it because it was a Consumer Reports best buy. The pro for this washer is how well it cleans. I get a lot of hand-me-down infant clothes (some had the little yellow spit-up stains). My old machine, even with bleach, couldn’t get the stains out. But the Samsung with the “steam” setting did the job. I was really amazed. The owners manuals were easy to read and understand. Reading this really helped me know which settings to use. The cons are that it does take quite a long time to clean. This steam setting takes 2 hours. You need the h-e detergent. It’s a little difficult to add things, for example, I can’t really figure out how to add the water softener (which I like). But there are containers for the liquid detergent, fabric softener, bleach and one for a pre-wash cycle. Another issue we have is the vibration. Our house is about 15 years old and our laundry room is on the second floor. You can select the speed of the spin cycle, but even if you go with the slowest setting, you can still feel it through the floor. I wouldn’t put anything on top of the washer, otherwise it may fall off during the spin cycle. I had the company come out to readjust the balancing. That turned out not to be the problem with the vibration. The problem is that it’s on a second floor, in a space that was not designed to handle a large, vibrating washing machine. I hear you need to consider the door placement, but this wasn’t a problem for us since our washer is on the left and the dryer is on the right. I was surprised that a Samsung, that is not known for it’s washers/dryers, did such a great job. We just got it in January 2010 so I have yet to see how it will hold up over time. But I really like it so far.

So, don’t get mad at me for the price, but just know that these are built the way things should be built – to last 20 years. Their website even states that. I don’t have a washer, but do have a vacuum and am about to buy a dishwasher. No matter the item, all of the reviews are the same – fabulous. So, Miele is the brand and they are made in Germany. Did I mention that I love my vacuum? And that we’re saving up to get the dishwasher? We’re tired of things breaking and lousy customer service. We hope to avoid that with this brand. And, when we get our dishwasher, if we ever move, it will move with us. The only down side to any of the items is the price… but we figured that with as much as the US stuff breaks, we’ll at least break even over the years and won’t have to worry about waiting for the repair guy who will take 5 trips to fix something and then it not be fixed… Hope that this helps!

You may alredy know this, but in NY, if you buy an “energy star” washer and dryer you are entitled to a $100 rebate from the government and your energy company (I believe $75 for a washing machine and $25 for the dryer). If price or the front loader aspect (I’ve hard front loaders can be tough on the back – even with a base) are downsides for you, I’ve heard that Maytag makes an affordable toploader that fills the washing machine with only as much water as you need, so it’s energey efficient without breaking the bank or the back. ;)

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