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Help the Group Best For Babes Win a $20k Grant

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The breastfeeding advocacy group Best For Babes is in the running to receive a grant from Chase Bank’s Community Giving program.  To learn more about BfB’s mission, click here to get to their website.

And to vote for Bfb, go to this page on Facebook.

One Response to “Help the Group Best For Babes Win a $20k Grant”

I created a short youtube video of the “Booby Traps”(TM) that Best for Babes is minimizing for moms. Best for Babes approved it, noting “…great …to help people understand what we do.” Please feel free to share link or embed video itself in posts to help internet users everywhere learn about Best for Babes (internet users love video!) and to inspire people everywhere to vote for Best for Babes! The video is posted here at where you can click on video to view on youtube and embed youtube video itself wherever you think it would be helpful.

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