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Share Your Opinion: Celebrities and Breastfeeding

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I’m working on a story for a magazine right now about celebrities and breastfeeding… and I’d like to hear your opinions.

I’ve done many posts on this site about celebs who are breastfeeding.  Remember Angelina Jolie’s breastfeeding photo on the cover of W Magazine?  Or Julie Bowen talking about using the double football hold to breastfeed her twins?  Or how about the pics of Maggie Gyllenhaal breastfeeding in public?

So what do you think of these stories?  Why are so many celebrity moms talking about breastfeeding these days?  Is this a new trend?  And what sort of impact can this have on the general public?   Is there a downside, if any, to all of this boob talk?

6 Responses to “Share Your Opinion: Celebrities and Breastfeeding”

I think it’s great to see publicity about breastfeeding by celebrity moms. I feel like a lot of people, especially privildged people who should be well educated enough to make intelligent choices about breastfeeding see it as an inconvenience and an interruption. Like now that pregnancy is over, I can afford everything I need to make my life comfortable, why be tied down by breastfeeding? I work with several wealthy men who have very educated wives who have eschewed breastfeeding like it’s not worth their time. They bf for a ridiculously short amount of time (6 wks, maybe) for women who don’t have to face the same work life balances that most of us do. Not that celebrity bfing will help these women, but if their daughters grow up with the normalcy and glamorization, so to speak, it may help change behaviors…or not?

I welcome any kind of public discussion about breastfeeding! It all works towards helping society realise that breastfeeding is normal – and not something taboo that should be done under covers in back rooms …

Holly and Lauren,
I’d love to ask you some more questions. Can you email me at

I see very little downside, to anyone in our culture talking about breastfeeding and their experiences and feelings about it. All of that exposure increases the comfort level with it in the general public and helps support a movement of change to the current culture that BF is something to be done behind closed doors, if done at all, and certainly not discussed in public. The more we talk about breastfeeding, and get people comfortable with discussing it or seeing it, the more likely they are to be at ease with breastfeeding when they are pregnant or when their wives or girlfriends are. Even any challenges with breastfeeding are good to have celebrities discussing, since new moms won’t feel alone if they experience any, and can see how those difficulties were overcome.

You know its great to see moms feeding their babies in public at work at the mall and on camera. Unfortunately i don’t think we see enough of it.
when we lived in other countries growing up you would be on the bus and a mom would just pull out her boob (no blankie included) and men and women alike did not care if anything they offered help carrying a purse and or bags the nursing mom may have been holding on to. I think that because we like in a super sexual culture we have negatively affected the brains of people by associating breasts with sex. Too see more celebs nursing is a great step forward to further push the importance of selfless love and care for our children.
proud mom of three and currently working full time and breastfeeding my 10 month old!!!

opps i meant to say …because we live in a super sexual culture…..

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