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Breastfeeding and Celebrities

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I wrote a story that is in this month’s issue of the New York Observer Playground.  The topic… breastfeeding and celebrities.  I interviewed Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford for the piece.  Also, a sidebar to the article features some cool breastfeeding supplies including tops, pumps and bras.  See page 82.

Observer Playground – Fall 2010

3 Responses to “Breastfeeding and Celebrities”

Great article! I loved seeing Selma breastfeeding that little baby, and the picture of Angelina breastfeeding one of her twins. It’s great to see celebrities not only breastfeeding but speaking out about it. My only complaint was the picture that went with the article! I guess I was expecting a picture of….a celebrity breastfeeding! But maybe there still aren’t many of those to be had. Keep up the good work!

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