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Book Review of Mommy Breastfeeds My Baby Brother

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What a sweet book!  “Mommy Breastfeeds My Baby Brother” is a new picture book for young kids.  The story follows a young girl Jenna as her baby brother comes home from the hospital. Jenna learns how her mom breastfeeds, sometimes pumps milk, and how her dad can give the baby a bottle of pumped milk.  Here’s the book’s website,  And a link to the first-time author Mark Repkin’s  bio.

Note: The publisher sent me this book for free.

3 Responses to “Book Review of Mommy Breastfeeds My Baby Brother”

Definitely going to put this on our reading list in a few months!

Aw! I’ll admit to raising an eyebrow a bit when I saw that it had a male author, but I’ll move past that ;)

The book looks super sweet. Kudos to him for being man enough to tackle a breastfeeding book, and this will definitely be bookmarked for when we add #2 to our family!

Thanks for introducing me to this book. I have a lot of friends that are pregnant right now with their second baby. This looks like a great sibling gift to help explain nursing to a little kid. I am going to check out the website!

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