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NYT Story on Breastfeeding and Weight Loss

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The Motherlode blog on the NYT has a story about how the New York State Department of Health’s breastfeeding campaign focuses on one benefit of breastfeeding… weight loss. From the New York Times:

This fall, the New York State Department of Health created a series of TV ads aimed at women who qualify for assistance with the cost of groceries. Although some of the ads speak of long-term health benefits, the one creating the most buzz focuses on a more immediate result. It looks like an ad for a weight-loss product, with a woman dancing happily, boasting she has lost 16 pounds — and crediting breastfeeding rather than NutriSystem.

So what do you think of the ad?  Here it is:

5 Responses to “NYT Story on Breastfeeding and Weight Loss”

Interesting commercial. I doubt it would actually persuade someone to breastfeed, but it is a great benefit. I lost my pregnancy weight, plus an additional 20 lbs so it worked for me!

It’s pretty cheesy, and shouldn’t be a primary reason for choosing breastfeeding in my opinion, HOWEVER… Losing weight might appeal to some women who don’t know much about breastfeeding, so I think every angle is a good one when it comes to convincing a woman to breastfeed. As long as a baby gets breast milk, who cares about the mother’s reason for choosing to do so!

“It’s GOOD for your baby, but GREAT for you?” Pretty misleading & petty, if you ask me. The intent is genuine, but I don’t like the angle.

I live in Michigan, and here we are getting a ton of radio ads that tout the weight-loss/calorie-burning benefits of breastfeeding.

I’m … torn. I actually had a tough time losing weight while breastfeeding (my body seemed to want that extra layer of — insulation?– while making milk) and I’m sort of inherently suspicious of anything that promises weight loss/burning 600 calories a day, but at the same time, if that’s what it takes to move some moms, I’m sort of for it?

It might be too late at night for me to think too hard on this. But it’s definitely an interesting/worthy of thought topic.

When the ends are such important achievements for a baby’s health, who cares what the means are! Living in CA and being surrounded by “welfare moms” who are still practicing having children just to get a free ride, I know most of them wouldn’t breast feed because they don’t want saggy boobs but could be persuaded to breast feed if they could lose weight. Not every mother cares enough about her baby to consider the baby’s benefit to breast feeding; whatever gets those women to do the right thing and hopefully expose them to the opportunity to make that connection with their baby sounds like a great idea to me.

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