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Working on a New Book About Toilet Training

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We did our civic duty today and took the kids to vote with us. They were very excited to put the ballot into the slot and were fascinated by the camera crews. But now…on to a mess of a different sort… toilet training.

We’re still dealing with nighttime bed wetting with one of the kids, so that has been an inspiration of sorts for my next book. I’ve put together a book proposal for a toilet training book, and the working title is “Parents Know Poop: 100 Toilet Training Tips.”

I’m really excited about this one, and tomorrow night I get to pitch my idea at a MediaBistro event. I’m a finalist in a book pitch contest. So tomorrow night, in front of a distinguished panel of publishing execs, I’ll get to use some of the very words I’m trying to erase from the kids’ vocabulary.

Wish me luck! Oh, and leave a comment here with your best toilet training tips, tricks and tribulations. If you’ve got a really good one, I’ll add it to my proposal.

7 Responses to “Working on a New Book About Toilet Training”

Good luck with it Andi! I always wished I had learned EC–elimination communication, which toilet trains kids naturally! I also wish I had learned/taught my kids sign language before they could speak. Ahh, the “I wish I had” list . . .

This is a great book really. I have read some of the pages, just some because it is my sister’s book and I just borrow it from her. But I do have some experiences in training my child. I use to ask him to sing along with me when doing this, putting a music that he likes and start with the training… and it looks like that it works very well indeed.

Good luck tonight!

Roberto, what book are you referring to?

Hi Andi,

It was great meeting you at the Pitch Party. Best of luck with the book and hope I see you at the Ebook Summit. Take care,
Anne Patrone
(aka 50 Family Trips)

Smarties! They’re the most motivating treat for my kids…better than ju jubes or chocolate chips. First just for sitting on the potty, then for producing. Then they’re in the habit of going anyway.

Congratulations! How cool that you’ll be on a panel at the event! Let’s stay in touch.

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