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Breastfeeding Doll Going on Sale in U.S.

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I’ve written about this one before… a “breastfeeding” doll made by a Spanish company.  But back then, it wasn’t on sale in the U.S. Now it’s coming to a store near you.  From the New York Times:

In addition to the doll, little girls (and boys) get a halter top that they can wear, with two flowers that symbolize breasts.

The Breast Milk Baby doll.

As the doll’s mouth is brought to the flowers, it makes a sucking sound, as if it is drinking milk. Afterward, the doll cries until it is burped.

“The whole purpose behind a doll is to pretend like you’re a parent,” said Dennis Lewis, the American representative for Berjuan Toys, the Spanish company that makes the dolls. “The dolls are meant to just let kids play as mommies and daddies naturally.”…

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