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Donate Umbilical Cord Blood to See If You Can Help a 22 Year Old With Leukemia

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Mandi Schwartz’s doctors are determined to find her a bone marrow or cord blood donor within the next two months.  Mandi has leukemia and it’s a race against time to find the 22 year old Yale student and hockey player a match.  Here are links to two news stories about Mandi.  ABC News and ESPN.

There are so many ways you can help.  Go to Mandi’s website to learn about how you can get tested to see if your bone marrow or cord blood is a match.  You can also help spread the word through Twitter and Facebook. Here’s information on how to donate cord blood.

And from her website:

This is an emergency effort for the benefit of someone in imminent danger of dying because he or she does not have a donor. As such, we will accept cord blood donations from anyone, anyplace and at any time who has more than a reasonable chance to provide the needed HLA type. We are also waving the standard 32-week rule and accepting cord blood donations from women who are more than 32 weeks pregnant. So please disregard this limitation during the enrollment process.

Donors whose cord blood is determined not to match the person-in-need are given two choices:

  • We can provide our Hero’s Discount for your kindness and you can privately bank your cord blood with Natasha’s Place at a discounted price of just $999.
  • You can donate your cord blood to our public bank and we will list it in the global registry for others who may someday need it for a stem cell transplant or research – this is an absolutely free service and it doesn’t cost you anything to donate your cord blood.