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Your Pictures: Breastfeeding in Scotland

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June 26, 2010

I’m starting a new feature here, on Mama Knows Breast.  It’s called “Your Pictures.”  You can send me your pictures related to breastfeeding… pics of you and your baby, pics of your favorite breastfeeding related product.  You name it. I’ll credit you, and if you have a blog, link back to your site.

So for the first picture, I have a photo that my friend Tony Dolan took while on vacation.  This picture was taken on June 26, in Glasgow, Scotland.  Tony thinks it was Buchanan street.  The banner says Glasgow Welcomes Breastfeeding.  And you can jsut barely see the international breastfeeding icon on the left hand corner.

If anyone can further identify this banner… maybe it was for a conference…let me know.

Now, go to your photo archives, or take a new picture, and send it to me.