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Farewell to the Blog Breastfeeding 123

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For nearly 4 years I’ve gotten to know Angela at Breastfeeding 123. Angela ran an amazing blog that was informative and reassuring for thousands of breastfeeding moms and their partners. She is a tireless blogger, an amazing advocate for moms and kids, and a kind and generous blogging friend.
Unfortunately Angela just found out that the parent company for her blog, B5 Media, is shutting down her blog along with some of its other sites. Angela didn’t have a chance to do a good bye post, so I’m giving up my site to her here today. Here’s what she has to say:

Last Friday without warning the blog network that owns Breastfeeding 1-2-3 terminated my contract along with that of every other blogger that was under contract. I am sad to have my relationship with the blog and its faithful readers end that way, without even a chance to say goodbye. Thanks to [Andi of Mama Knows Breast / Tanya of the Motherwear Breastfeeding Blog] I am getting this chance.
I have thoroughly enjoyed writing for Breastfeeding 1-2-3 over the last three-and-a-half years. As my time as a breastfeeding blogger comes to a close and I move on to other endeavors, I just wanted to say goodbye and thank you for the support you have shown me and other breastfeeding mothers! Best wishes, Angela White”
Thanks again,

Looking For Other Bloggers Who Write About Breastfeeding

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Bettina Forbes, of Best For Babes, is compiling a list of breastfeeding bloggers. If you run a blog that is solely dedicated to breastfeeding, or you post frequently on breastfeeding matters, leave a comment here. I’ll forward the information on to Bettina. Best For Babes is a non-profit dedicated to raising awareness about the benefits of breastfeeding.

Moms Who Blog About Breastfeeding

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Congratulations to Angela at Breastfeeding123, who just gave birth yesterday. Check her site often… I’m sure she’ll have some interesting posts about her experiences with her baby.
And while you’re at it…take a look at RookieMoms blog, where Whitney is writing about pumping all weekend while she’s away at Blogher, the premier blogging conference for women.
Are there other moms out there blogging about breastfeeding that I don’t know about? If so, tell me.

A Breastfeeding Blogging Bonanza

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Moms love to tell their stories about childbirth. There’s the “I pushed for 14 hours” story. The “you would not believe what happened to me…” story. The “I went all natural” or the “I begged for drugs” stories. And even the “I thought I was going to strangle (insert name)” story.
Now, it seems the story to tell is the breastfeeding tale. That’s what happened today on the new collective blog, New York City Moms. The NY Moms blog is part of a larger blogging network that has sites focused on Silicon Valley, Chicago and Washington, DC. And today, in each region, the focus was on breastfeeding…the ups and downs of boobs, bottles and babes.
I’m new to blogging for NY Moms, and I was thrilled that they asked me to write the introductory post to today’s entries. Click here for a full list of all of the entries from the day. The site administrators got so many requests from bloggers and readers to include their stories, that they ended up opening an entry where anyone can contribute. Click here if you have a tale to tell.

Blogger’s Choice Awards– Time To Vote

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And another fun one… I’ve been nominated for the Blogger’s Choice Awards. (The Booby Brigade and I all nominated each other).
The Blogger’s Choice Awards recognize blogs that are having an impact on the blogosphere. Basically, it’s a lot of self-referential nonsense. But amusing nonetheless. Can’t you just picture the award ceremony? How about a “red carpet?” “Hi Joan. Yes, I’m wearing vintage Puma sweatpants and a 2006 Gap t-shirt with a stain from breakfast. My one year old did my hair– apple sauce for gel. It works wonders.”
Anyway, click on these links to vote. I’m in 3 categories and you can vote three times: Best Health Blog, Best Parenting Blog and Hottest Mommy Blogger.
And while you’re on the site, surf around. You’ll find some really cool blogs you’ve never seen before.

Breast Feeding Product Reviews

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Angela at Breastfeeding 123 gets my vote today for hardest working, most diligent blogger. My eyes practically jumped out of my head when I saw her latest post.
Angela has compiled a fantastic collection of breastfeeding product reviews. Basically, she found reviews from all the breastfeeding bloggers out there, and provides links to the sites. If you click here, you’ll find reviews of breastfeeding products, books and clothing. If you can think of it, she’s got it. Here’s a list of the reviews:
Breastfeeding bras
Breast pumps
Breastfeeding accessories
Breastfeeding art and calendars
Breastfeeding bloggers’ stores
Breastfeeding and parenting books
Children’s breastfeeding books
Children’s breastfeeding toys
Sewing your own breastfeeding products
Nursing bracelets
Nursing covers
Nursing necklaces
Nursing pads
Nursing pillows
Nursing shirts
Breastfeeding videos
Kids’ products
Bravo Angela. What an invaluable resource you’ve created!

A New Breastfeeding Blog– The Black Breastfeeding Blog

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Random internet ramblings recently lead me to a new breastfeeding blog– The Black Breastfeeding Blog. It’s run by Jennifer James, the founder of Mommy Too! Magazine, an online magazine for mothers of color. James also has a six-blog network for black moms and parents that focuses on breastfeeding, parenting, babies and toddlers, pregnancy, big issues and shopping.
The breastfeeding blog has great photos and fantastic design. And of course, great information. It’s fun to add another breastfeeding mama to our blog roll. (Tanya at Motherwear found this site, too!) So hey Jennifer, want to contribute to our breastfeeding carnival?