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What a Cute Kid!

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Check out this adorable photo, submitted by Robin Elise Weiss, the Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth. She’s a lactation counselor, doula and she has 7 kids.

Fashion Week at Mama Knows Breast

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The paparazzi caught our babysitter sporting a Mama Knows Breast t-shirt the other day. Fortunately we got the photographer’s permission to print the photo here….
You too can hit our virtual run way. Buy a bib, onesie, hat or tshirt at my store on Cafe Press, take a picture and send it to me. I’m particularly looking for models who wear size 0 to 24 months.

Buy A Mama Knows Breast T-Shirt, Baby Bib, Onesie

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A few friends…not mention family members…have had babies lately. And at long last I have the perfect baby gift. No need to visit the bookstore and the post office any more. Now I’m making a one stop shop to CafePress where I can buy a Mama Knows Breast baby bib and onesie.
I have to say, Cafe Press is really cool. I’ve set up my own shop where you can buy other items that say Mama Knows Breast. Adult t-shirts, maternity tops, mugs, pillows, hats, greeting cards, buttons, magnets, tote bags and even a teddy bear with a t-shirt area all for sale.
So come visit my store on CafePress. And by the way, credit for the fantastic design goes to my relative Toby. If you need a graphic artist, she’s amazing.

A Nursing Hat?

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Here’s a new one…. Want to discreetly breastfeed your baby in public? Put one of these hats with an enormous brim on your babe’s head. She’ll be shaded from the sun and you’ll be completely covered.
The MoBoleez hats come with some cute sayings too: “Au lait, s’il vous plait,” “Milky Way,” or “Time to tweet.”
Now, I haven’t actually tried one of these hats, but I did sort of concoct my own version last summer. I put my fuschia and white hat on The Bear’s head while he was nursing. Of course it didn’t stay on. Too big. And he managed to swat it away. Details. So maybe a hat properly sized for a baby will do the trick. Though I must say, I’d love to see what the baby looks like when she stops eating and sits up. Can she even see out from under that brim?!
Thanks to Babble for the “heads up” on this one!

NY Store The Upper Breast Side Has a New Location

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I apologize up front to all of you who aren’t in New York City. But if you make it here for any reason, you’ve got to go check out The Upper Breast Side– a store dedicated to all things breastfeeding. Their slogan, “You bring your breasts, we’ve got the rest.”
This Upper West Side (hence the name) institution recently moved to a new location at 135 West 70th Street (between Columbus and Amsterdam). I knew the store was moving, but I stumbled on the location today by accident, while watching a new mom carrying her infant in a sling. (I was impressed by her sling savvy. I was a total failure at the sling thing).
Anyway, this is THE place to go if you need a nursing top, breast pump, book– you name it. They will even help you find the perfect bra size. One caveat, double strollers with side by side seats won’t fit through the doorway. They’ll help you out. But maybe bring an extra set of hands with you if you have to bring two kiddos.

More Funny Breast Feeding T-Shirts (and Some Stylish Nursing Shawls)

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I just found this, via Celebrity Baby…t-shirts for you and your nursing babe to wear at the same time. You get the shirt that says “Supply.” She gets the shirt that says “Demand.” Cute, huh?!
The shirts are made by Milkdudz (another clever one). The company also sells some of the more stylish nursing shawls I’ve seen. I haven’t tested them, and I can’t vouch for buying anything from the site. So if you give it a shot, let me know how it goes.
As for me, my boobs are turning into true milk duds. I’m continuing to wean The Bear, and I have just barely enough left in the supply department for one feeding each morning.
And finally, thank you to everyone who has been sending me suggestions of mom websites, blogs, shows and magazines that they like. With your help I’m compiling a great list of folks to contact about my book! Keep the ideas coming!

Breast Feeding Product Reviews

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Angela at Breastfeeding 123 gets my vote today for hardest working, most diligent blogger. My eyes practically jumped out of my head when I saw her latest post.
Angela has compiled a fantastic collection of breastfeeding product reviews. Basically, she found reviews from all the breastfeeding bloggers out there, and provides links to the sites. If you click here, you’ll find reviews of breastfeeding products, books and clothing. If you can think of it, she’s got it. Here’s a list of the reviews:
Breastfeeding bras
Breast pumps
Breastfeeding accessories
Breastfeeding art and calendars
Breastfeeding bloggers’ stores
Breastfeeding and parenting books
Children’s breastfeeding books
Children’s breastfeeding toys
Sewing your own breastfeeding products
Nursing bracelets
Nursing covers
Nursing necklaces
Nursing pads
Nursing pillows
Nursing shirts
Breastfeeding videos
Kids’ products
Bravo Angela. What an invaluable resource you’ve created!

Brooke Shields, Gwen Stefani and Other Celebrities on Breast Feeding

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Gwen Stefani tells USA Today “I’m still nursing, and I think it gives you superhuman powers.” Brooke Shields sings the praises of a nursing shawl, L’ovedBaby. Heidi Klum is breastfeeding her third child. Jennifer Garner says it helped her lose weight. Former Spice Girl Gerri Halliwell says pregnancy made her breasts look like a porn star’s. Britney Spears wants new boobs.
You can find all of this and more on the Celebrity Baby Blog, and its page specifically devoted to breast feeding.
But these stories beg the question…why do we (ok, why do I) love hearing about celebrities, their babes and their boobs? Perhaps because motherhood levels the playing field somewhat. No matter how perfect Gwyneth Paltrow looks with her kids in tow, we know she, too, has had some pretty horrific nights trying to console a screaming infant. She may have an Oscar, but she’s still a mom, and unless she’s outsourcing the entire thing, she’s definitely had leaking boobs, spit-up on her new sweater and poop under her finger nails.
We can’t all be superstars with our phalanx of nannies, stylists and trainers to help us. But seriously, would you want the paparazzi just waiting to catch you trying to nurse your kid at the playground? And in any case, at least in our kids’ eyes, we’re all superhuman.

Tom Cruise on Breastfeeding…PLUS… A New Way To Remember Which Breast to Use for the Next Feeding

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Here’s a quote from Tom Cruise on how he and Katie Holmes are handling the breastfeeding and diapering.
You may have heard that it’s a good idea to alternate breasts at each feeding. In other words, let your baby eat until he’s done from one side. At the next feeding, use the other breast. This enables the baby to get that precious “hind milk” that comes in after the baby has been feeding for a while. Great idea, but try remembering which boob to use when you were barely awake during the last feeding. Well here’s a something that seems like a clever idea. It’s a bra that has an indicator, a velcro patch, that you move from one breast to the other. Only a mom could have come up with something like this!