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Similac Recall

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Similac has voluntary recalled hundreds of thousands of bottles of ready to feed infant formula because they may not have enough Vitamin C.
The recall is for approximately 100,000 32-ounce plastic bottles of Similac Alimentum Advance liquid formula and approximately 200,000 bottles of Similac Advance with Iron. Some hospital discharge kits are affected as well.
The problem seems to be that the bottles are missing a special layer that keeps air out. When the oxygen enters the bottle, it causes the level of vitamin C to decrease over time.
Abbott, the maker of Similac, says there have been no serious medical complaints. But the concern is that if infants drink formula without enough vitamin C for two to four weeks, they could show symptoms of vitamin C deficiency such as irritability with generalized tenderness.
Here is a news story from The New York Times.
You can find the company press release on the Similac website. Look for it at the bottom of the home page. There is a short sentence which says click here for information on the voluntary recall.

Senator Proposes Warning Label on Formula

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Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) is proposing that formula manufacturers be required to put warning labels on formula stating the breast milk is the ideal way to feed infants. The bill also has a provision aimed at making workplaces offer accomodations to moms who need to pump or breastfeed.
Here’s a link to his proposed bill. See Titles II and III. This proposal is part of a larger bill aimed at promoting healthier lifestyles for all Americans.

Government Ad Campaign Encourages Breastfeeding

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The government is encouraging mothers to breastfeed with an aggressive advertising campaign. The Department of Health and Human Services’ ads suggest that not breastfeeding is actually dangerous to your baby’s health. One of the television ads shows a pregnant woman clutching her stomach while riding a mechanical bull in a bar. The suggestion…its risky to ride a bull, and risky to give your baby formula. The slogan of the campaign…Babies Were Born to Be Breastfed.
Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa is going one step further. He has proposed putting warning labels on cans of infant formula. Here’s an article about this from The New York Times, as well as a Today Show segment that has clips from the television commercials.

MA Hospitals Say NO to Formula Freebies

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If you’ve had a baby recently you may have gotten a gift bag on your way out of the hospital. These spiffy black totes come filled with gifts…primarily formula samples and coupons. So guess who’s behind the bags…the formula companies of course.
In Massachusetts, state policy makers are debating whether to ban the bags. Meanwhile, some hospitals are opting to stop giving out the bags altogether.
Personally, I like the bags. I got one when we had The Bortski at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and I still use it. It’s held up remarkably well for the past 20 months. I got another one when we had The Titty Bear at Mt. Sinai in New York City. I don’t care that they’ve come from a company with an agenda. I save the coupons, intending to use them; and I never do. And I save the formula samples in case of emergency. Getting these bags really didn’t have any impact on my decision to breastfeed or not. Simply put…it saved me from spending a ridiculous amount of money on a fancy diaper bag that would get ruined by weather and spit up.