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Breastfeeding in The News

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Here’s the latest from around the web:
The blog Delicious Baby has a comprehensive guide to pumping and nursing in airports and on airplanes.
The FDA is proposing changes to prescription drug labels that will give more information to pregnant and breastfeeding women. Read here.
A new study found that breastmilk may give baby girls more protection than boys against respiratory infections. Read here.
Two new studies done in Africa have found that drug treatment can help prevent the transmission of HIV through breastmilk. Read here.

How I Learned To Blog and Met Katie Couric

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My blog was broken for the past three days. You could see this screen. But I couldn’t log in to make any changes. Every time I tried, I got an error message written in code. It made no sense at all. Sadly, my husband– a.k.a. tech support– was away.
I grew up using a typewriter. My first computer, a Mac SE, didn’t have a hard drive. There was a time when I didn’t see the point of email. I still remember the sound of a dial-up internet connection. Hence my confusion the past few days. This internet thing doesn’t always come naturally to me.
So I’m sometimes a little surprised that I run this blog and have even joined a new blogging network called the New York Moms Blog. (NY Moms Blog is part of a national moms blogging network, with sites devoted to Silicon Valley, Chicago, Washington, DC, New Jersey and even “50 Something” moms.
Last week, I joined some of these moms for a field trip to visit Katie Couric, the CBS Evening News Anchor. We were blogging evangelicals, and it seems we’ve got a new ally. On her own blog, Katie wrote:
These bloggers have found a way to stay engaged, to stay active, and, in some cases, build successful second careers in the online world. And, if and when mommy bloggers want to return to the workforce, the blogs are a natural networking tool.
It makes you wonder, how did we do this before the Internet?

Katie even posted a video of our visit on her own YouTube channel. Here it is:

By the way, in case you’re wondering how I solved the problem with this blog, here’s a brief history:
Step 1. Try to log onto Moveable Type, the publishing platform for this blog. Get an error message. Wonder…If I can’t log on, how can I ask MT to fix the problem?
Step 2. Find an old email from MT. Write to that address and beg for help. MT tells me to contact my web host.
Step 3. Who is my web host? Send an email to an address I dig up from old, saved emails. The answer, in a nutshell, “We aren’t your web host, we sold you your domain name,”
Step 4. Find an Amex bill and locate a charge from some company that sounds vaguely like a web host. Send another “help me” email.
Step 5. Success! I’ve found the web host. My site is fixed.
So how does it all end? Tonight, as “tech support” was making his way home, I sent him an email on my fancy new Mac, complete with a built-in hard drive and WiFi connection. I wrote, “Guess what?! I fixed the problem. ALL BY MYSELF! By the way, please get milk.”
You’re right, Katie. How did we do this before the internet?

A Video Interview With Me

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The website recently interviewed me, and the story (click here) has some of the best breastfeeding puns you’ll ever come across. It all starts with the headline, “She’s Stacked, Baby.” Now why didn’t I think of that?
If that’s not your thing…just surf around the site to find profiles of people doing pretty cool stuff in all sorts of fields…people like a sneaker designer, a landscape architect and a jazz club founder.
Now click here to watch this video.

A Breastfeeding Blogging Bonanza

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Moms love to tell their stories about childbirth. There’s the “I pushed for 14 hours” story. The “you would not believe what happened to me…” story. The “I went all natural” or the “I begged for drugs” stories. And even the “I thought I was going to strangle (insert name)” story.
Now, it seems the story to tell is the breastfeeding tale. That’s what happened today on the new collective blog, New York City Moms. The NY Moms blog is part of a larger blogging network that has sites focused on Silicon Valley, Chicago and Washington, DC. And today, in each region, the focus was on breastfeeding…the ups and downs of boobs, bottles and babes.
I’m new to blogging for NY Moms, and I was thrilled that they asked me to write the introductory post to today’s entries. Click here for a full list of all of the entries from the day. The site administrators got so many requests from bloggers and readers to include their stories, that they ended up opening an entry where anyone can contribute. Click here if you have a tale to tell.

New Websites for You To Check Out

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Here are some of my recent internet discoveries:
Sinead, from Breastfeeding Mums has launched a social networking site for moms called BMums.
Breastfeeding Guru is a beautifully designed site that has news, reviews and expert views. There’s a review of my book on the site. Mindith, the woman who runs the site, is a Certified Lactation Education Counselor.
And now some food for grown-ups. Check out FoodieBytes, a new way to find a restaurant. Type in the sort of food you want to eat, in a particular city, and you’ll get a list of restaurants. Right now the service is available for New York, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago and Washington, DC. There’s a blog too. Thanks to Kelli of ABoobLog for telling me about this one– it’s her husband’s new venture.

My Amazon Problem is Resolved

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Update: I just got an email from Amazon telling me the problem was resolved. Here’s what it said: “Thank you for writing to with your concern. I’m sorry for the difficulty you experienced using our web site. The issue causing this problem has now been resolved, and you should be able to create Tags. We appreciate your patience. Thanks again for your contributions to the community.”
I also went to some of the other well known breastfeeding books on Amazon and created similar tags for those books. This should help new moms find the resources they need.

Now to the original post:
Sometimes it pays to be a nudge. For weeks I’ve been pestering Amazon about the fact that their site would not let me create a “tag” for my book that said “breastfeeding.” The problem is now fixed.
I went onto the Amazon page that sells my book Mama Knows Breast today, and tried one last time to create the tag. And lo and behold it worked! I had no idea it was fixed. I was actually still waiting for a response from customer service.
So Amazon, kudos to you for realizing breastfeeding is not a dirty word. But please, get your customer service department to shape up. I was one step away from writing you a nasty-gram. Then you would have seen the true nudge come out.

Still Trying to Get Amazon to Let Me Create a Tag That Says Breastfeeding

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So far, I haven’t had any luck with my quest to create certain “tags” on the Amazon page that sells my book. Amazon won’t accept any variation of the word breastfeeding. I wrote about this here and here last week. Since then, I wrote yet another letter to Amazon. I got a pretty lame response today.
Here’s my letter.
To the Amazon Team:
I have been trying to create tags for various forms of the word breastfeeding. Breast feeding. Breast-feeding. Breastfeed, breast feed, breast-feed. Amazon will not let me do this. The title of my book is “Mama Knows Breast: A Beginner’s Guide to Breastfeeding.” So these tags are very important to me.
I wrote about my trouble with this on my blog. My blog is linked through RSS to the Amazon site, so the post is visible on my sales page. Can someone please help me resolve this problem? Thank you.
Here’s the response:
Andi, Thanks for contacting us at
I’m sorry, but I will need to research the tag feature further. I
will write back to you with an answer within the next 5-6business
Thank you in advance for your patience, and thanks for shopping at

I’m Making A Guest Appearance on the Site The Nest Baby

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In the late 90′s I lived on Mott Street in Manhattan. It was a cute little block that had yet to be overrun by chic boutiques. Today its a shoppers’ mecca. But back then we had one coffee shop, a pizza place, a diner and some abandoned store fronts. I also had a hallway neighbor who mentioned that she was working on a new website for brides. (She may have even been starting it, I can’t remember. I can’t remember her name, either). That little website was called The Knot. I’m sure you’ve heard of it.
If you have, you may also know The Knot’s sister websites, The Nest, and The Nest Baby. Can you say building a brand?
Anyway, The Nest Baby is an adorable site for moms who are trying to conceive, well into their pregnancies or experiencing life with a newborn. I’m making a guest appearance on the site this week, and I’m answering reader questions. Hop on over if you’d like and check things out.

To Clarify My Earlier Post on Amazon Tags

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Just to be clear, you can still go to the main Amazon search bar and type in the word breastfeeding. This will take you to a big list of breastfeeding books. So customers aren’t at a total loss.
But the beauty of a tag is that it enables you to find other products that people have similarly tagged. For example, if I click on my tag “lactation,” Amazon brings me to books, bras, tea and nursing pads. These are items that other customers have tagged with the word lactation.
To learn more about tags, and other ways to use them, click here for information from Amazon.

My Blog is Fixed– HOORAY

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I’ve been trying to figure out, for the past week, why my blog was breaking down. First the right hand column disappeared… the ads, the link to my book on Amazon. Then the Home page started to vanish. Thank you to all of you who offered suggestions on how to fix the problem.
Ultimately, it was my site designer Stacy Sekimori (Sekimori Design), who figured out that I had most likely run out of disk space on my host. Sure enough, she was right. It took me two days to figure out who was hosting this site (note to self– keep more organized records). When I did, I bought more space. Who knew that I had been blogging long enough (since April of 2006) to actually need more storage?
Mission accomplished. Phew.