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How I Learned To Blog and Met Katie Couric

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My blog was broken for the past three days. You could see this screen. But I couldn’t log in to make any changes. Every time I tried, I got an error message written in code. It made no sense at all. Sadly, my husband– a.k.a. tech support– was away.
I grew up using a typewriter. My first computer, a Mac SE, didn’t have a hard drive. There was a time when I didn’t see the point of email. I still remember the sound of a dial-up internet connection. Hence my confusion the past few days. This internet thing doesn’t always come naturally to me.
So I’m sometimes a little surprised that I run this blog and have even joined a new blogging network called the New York Moms Blog. (NY Moms Blog is part of a national moms blogging network, with sites devoted to Silicon Valley, Chicago, Washington, DC, New Jersey and even “50 Something” moms.
Last week, I joined some of these moms for a field trip to visit Katie Couric, the CBS Evening News Anchor. We were blogging evangelicals, and it seems we’ve got a new ally. On her own blog, Katie wrote:
These bloggers have found a way to stay engaged, to stay active, and, in some cases, build successful second careers in the online world. And, if and when mommy bloggers want to return to the workforce, the blogs are a natural networking tool.
It makes you wonder, how did we do this before the Internet?

Katie even posted a video of our visit on her own YouTube channel. Here it is:

By the way, in case you’re wondering how I solved the problem with this blog, here’s a brief history:
Step 1. Try to log onto Moveable Type, the publishing platform for this blog. Get an error message. Wonder…If I can’t log on, how can I ask MT to fix the problem?
Step 2. Find an old email from MT. Write to that address and beg for help. MT tells me to contact my web host.
Step 3. Who is my web host? Send an email to an address I dig up from old, saved emails. The answer, in a nutshell, “We aren’t your web host, we sold you your domain name,”
Step 4. Find an Amex bill and locate a charge from some company that sounds vaguely like a web host. Send another “help me” email.
Step 5. Success! I’ve found the web host. My site is fixed.
So how does it all end? Tonight, as “tech support” was making his way home, I sent him an email on my fancy new Mac, complete with a built-in hard drive and WiFi connection. I wrote, “Guess what?! I fixed the problem. ALL BY MYSELF! By the way, please get milk.”
You’re right, Katie. How did we do this before the internet?