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Breastfeeding Reduces Risk of Multiple Sclerosis Relapse Post Partum

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Ok… so I’m doing a lot of posting in one day. The kids are running wild avoiding bed time and my husband is sick… so why shouldn’t I blog and ignore the mess in the kitchen?! Why not…
Here’s a news story I came across today. A study in the Archives of Neurology found that breastfeeding can help prevent the relapse of multiple sclerosis after pregnancy. From the study:
Our findings show that exclusive breastfeeding (and prolonged lactational amenorrhea) significantly reduces the risk of postpartum relapses of MS. Ongoing and future studies of postpartum disease activity in MS, particularly treatment trials, should distinguish between exclusive and nonexclusive breastfeeding and account for it in their analysis.
Our findings also suggest that women with MS should be encouraged to breastfeed exclusively for at least the first 2 months postpartum in lieu of starting IMA treatment shortly after delivery. These findings highlight the need to critically evaluate the efficacy of early postpartum treatments in MS, especially if they are not compatible with lactation.