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Boob Nursing Top Contest

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And the winner is…. Blanca. Here’s her story:
Hello Everyone! I’m a mother of a 28 week preemie! Not being able to nurse him directly I used to pump and bring the milk back to the hospital! After just 2 days my tiny baby started to show interest on the breast! This moved my heart. He started actually nursing 3 days after. I have a couple of NIP stories… Here’s the first one… I was at the park with my 3 daughters and my newborn son, and it was meal time! I pull my breast out to feed him and as he was nursing a little boy came to me and started to stare at me! All of the sudden, his mother came to grap him and he seems upset!, the mother then told me it was the first day of weaning baby! He looked at me so sad! I started thinking if my son would be the same way… I’m also his pacifier! I have a hospital grade breast pump @ home but after a while it was impossible to pump and go shopping for example. Since I had to pump every 1.5-2.5 hours to keep my milk supply going while the baby was in NICU I went to Walmart and started shopping. Then I realize that I coulnt wait to pump so I decided to purchase an electic breast pump! I went to the parking lot and started pumping in the car. My husband came to the car and I could tell he was a lil embarrased so he asked me to cover up a little! Anyway I put the shirt down still pumping, we stopped at the red light (I’m still pumping, but I looked like the shirt Madonna had in that video with the pointed boobs!) A car stopped next to us and the guy gave me thumbs up! What I next realized there it was his wife doing the same thing!

Don’t you just love this logo? I think it’s hilarious. Better yet, Boob, a Swedish company, has a wide range of maternity and nursing clothes. Here’s a description of how the nursing tops function.
Now for the giveaway contest. For a chance to win this top, leave a comment answering this question: If you’re pregnant, tell me why you need this top. And if you’ve had a baby, tell me your favorite nursing in public story.
Deadline to enter the contest is August 1, the start of Breastfeeding Awareness Week. Contest limited to U.S. entrants. I’ll pick the winner based on the following criteria: a fun, clever or poignant story.

Breastfeeding Products

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UPDATE: Here’s something else that just came my way:
The Shower Hug looks like a cool invention. It’s basically a big piece of fabric that you wear around your chest and close with velcro. The goal, making showers a little more comfortable if the direct flow of water hurts your breasts. Other uses.. a strapless bra or something to hold ice or heat packs.
Here are a couple of my recent finds:
The Peeky Boo Baby Nursing Blanket is different from any other product I’ve ever seen. It’s essentially a blanket with a removable, padded weight in one corner. You drape the blanket over your shoulder and the weight keeps it from falling down. The blanket can also be used as a changing pad, play mat, swaddling blanket or stroller cover. Great fabric choices too.
And here’s a Breastfeeding Support Kit from a company called Earth Mama Angel Baby. Inside you’ll find a special nursing tea, nipple cream, herbal breast compresses and breast packs that you can either microwave or freeze. I think this kit would make a great gift for a new mom. However, I haven’t personally tried any of these products, so I’ll leave feedback to anyone who has. Let me know what you think.

Enter to Win a Lila Bean Nursing Cover

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In recognition of World Breastfeeding Week… I’ve got a great give-away for you. A Lila Bean nursing cover.
I recently met the woman behind Lila Bean. Charlotte Penenberg named the company after her daughter…her inspiration…Lila. Read Charlotte’s story here.
Personally, I never used a nursing cover with either of our boys. I sort of improvised when ever I was out of the house. Coats, baby blankets, napkins. You name it, I used it. But often, I didn’t even use a cover, because my clothes simply worked well enough to keep me from feeling overly exposed.
But I see the allure behind an actual nursing cover. Besides, it’s hard to resist the awesome patterns Lila Bean has. Plus, the cover has uses beyond nursing. Try it as a sun shield for your stroller or a blanket for the car seat.
So how can you win one? Charlotte will pick a winner after you leave a comment answering this question: What’s the most outrageous place you’ve nursed in public? And if you don’t have a baby yet, why would you like this cover?
Deadline: August 31, 2008. Contest limited to U.S. residents.