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Why Women Should Vote For Obama and Biden

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Yes, this is a blog about breastfeeding. But at the base, this is a blog about women, and for women. So for that reason, I’m writing about politics and my decision to vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden.
This election feels more critical to me than ever. It cost me $47 for half a tank of gas today. Our health insurance is expensive and complicated. Every day we hear how global warming is destroying our planet. We are at war abroad and fear terrorism at home.
Most importantly, I worry about the future for our children. What will their world look like 50 years from now? Will we have developed other sources of energy? Will cities be devastated by floods and storms? Will war and terrorism be even worse? These are the things that keep me up at the night. The things that have me writing this post, when I should really be asleep.
After eight years of George Bush, one thing is clear– this country is headed in the wrong direction. Electing McCain and Palin promises more of the same. In fact– and I can’t believe I’m going to even say this– McCain and Palin could be even worse.
Nowhere is this more clear than in the candidate’s positions on issues important to women. Obama and Biden get it. McCain and Palin don’t. The Obama website clearly outlines his positions on women’s issues. And on this link, you’ll find more information, including a point by point comparision of the two candidates (look at Resources). Here are some highlights from the Obama site:
Obama and Biden support a woman’s right to choose. Mcain and Palin do not; they are staunchly anti-choice.
Obama supports equal pay for equal work. McCain opposed legislation that would help women achieve pay equity.
Obama supports expanding legislation providing for family and medical leave. McCain does not have a plan to expand paid and sick leave.
Obama will expand the child and dependent care tax credit. McCain has voted against increased funding for child care.
Obama supports laws to protect domestic violence victims. McCain and Palin oppose additional funding.
Finally, the one issue that really clinches it for me is the environment. Obama seems to truly grasp that we are at a critical point with global warming, our dependence on foreign oil and the need to develop alternative energy sources. For more on this, read this Thomas Friedman column.
Beyond the issues, consider what McCain’s decision to pick Sarah Palin says about his judgment. She seems woefully unprepared to step in if McCain is elected, and then dies. Case in point– the Republicans haven’t let her anywhere near reporters. They know she lacks a true understanding of domestic and foreign politics to speak spontaneously. This is what a New York Times editorial had to say:
Mr. McCain’s snap choice of Ms. Palin reflects his impulsive streak: a wild play that he made after conservative activists warned him that he would face an all-out revolt in the party if he chose who he really wanted — Senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut…
If Mr. McCain wanted to break with his party’s past and choose the Republicans’ first female presidential candidate, there are a number of politicians out there with far greater experience and stature than Ms. Palin, who has been in Alaska’s Statehouse for less than two years.
Before she was elected governor, she was mayor of a tiny Anchorage suburb, where her greatest accomplishment was raising the sales tax to build a hockey rink. According to Time magazine, she also sought to have books banned from the local library and threatened to fire the librarian.
For Mr. McCain to go on claiming that Mr. Obama has too little experience to be president after almost four years in the United States Senate is laughable now that he has announced that someone with no national or foreign policy experience is qualified to replace him, if necessary.

So when election day rolls around, think about this: Do you want a President who truly supports women? Or a President who simply picks a woman running mate, assuming that that will convince you to vote for him? For me, I know what I want. I don’t need a hockey mom. I need the best person, man or woman. And that person is Barack Obama.