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Breastfeeding Podcasts

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I just found this cool new site that has podcasts about breastfeeding. Mommy’s Milk and More, which is run by a lactation consultant, features audio stories about pregnancy, labor, breastfeeding and parenting.
In the most recent podcast, the host interviews Danielle Friedland, the blogger who runs The Celebrity Baby Blog. Danielle talks about breastfeeding her toddler, and how celebrities can help promote breastfeeding. (There’s an entire section on The Celebrity Baby Blog that highlights celebrity breastfeeding stories).
Check out some of the previous Mommy’s Milk podcasts, too. There’s everything from breastfeeding and nutrition to breastfeeding twins. And while you’re on the site, click to the home page. The podcast is actually part of a larger site called Pregtastic.
Oh, and if you need a basic explanation of what in the world a podcast is, you can read this.