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I Need More Help For My Book

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Calling all readers…I’m still wading my way through the edits to first draft of my manuscript…typing as fast as I can. And I’m looking for some more ideas on a few topics. Here are my questions for you:
1. What did you do to re-ignite your sex life after you had a baby?
2. How did you wean your baby? What approach did you use?
3. What sort of diaper/pee/poop calamities have you experienced? What sort of tricks do you have for keeping your baby’s bottom, and your house, clean? How do you handle diapers when you aren’t at home?
Here’s my most recent story. This morning The Bortski almost peed on my head. I was lying on the bedroom floor, trying to stretch my back. Dad was supposedly changing his diaper, but the Bortski quietly slipped away before a new one was on. Suddenly I heard a little sound behind me. I looked up and saw a naked boy leaning in my direction. Seconds later…a stream of pee landed just inches from me. Oy vey.