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Breastfeeding Products

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UPDATE: Here’s something else that just came my way:
The Shower Hug looks like a cool invention. It’s basically a big piece of fabric that you wear around your chest and close with velcro. The goal, making showers a little more comfortable if the direct flow of water hurts your breasts. Other uses.. a strapless bra or something to hold ice or heat packs.
Here are a couple of my recent finds:
The Peeky Boo Baby Nursing Blanket is different from any other product I’ve ever seen. It’s essentially a blanket with a removable, padded weight in one corner. You drape the blanket over your shoulder and the weight keeps it from falling down. The blanket can also be used as a changing pad, play mat, swaddling blanket or stroller cover. Great fabric choices too.
And here’s a Breastfeeding Support Kit from a company called Earth Mama Angel Baby. Inside you’ll find a special nursing tea, nipple cream, herbal breast compresses and breast packs that you can either microwave or freeze. I think this kit would make a great gift for a new mom. However, I haven’t personally tried any of these products, so I’ll leave feedback to anyone who has. Let me know what you think.