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What I’ve Learned This Summer

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For all of you planners out there, we still have a good deal of August left. So please, let’s stop talking about “back to school.” It’s making me anxious. Instead, I’d like to focus on the things I’ve learned so far this summer.
1. “Summer whites” are for people who don’t have kids. My white pants have dirt stains now. My white shorts got pee’d on.
2. Do not leave bug spray within the reach of your toddler. Definitely do not leave bug spray within the reach of your toddler in the car.
3. For long car drives, stop at Walmart. They sell CDs like the best of Jackson Browne for $9.99.
4. If you can swing it, go home. Or visit a place you spent summers as a child.
5. Putting sun block on a two year old should be an Olympic sport.
6. Three year old’s can turn into teenagers when denied ice cream. Exhibit A, a direct quote: “Mom, you’re ruining my life.”
7. Jenga blocks are worth shoving into your suitcase.
8. It’s hard to wean yourself of a “texting” and email checking habit.
9. Don’t think about how you look in a bathing suit. Just put it on.
10. Summer storms and rainbows are awe-inspiring.
Now, with the rest of August to go, I’m going to open my window and listen to the crickets. That school schedule can wait for another day.
Original Post to New York Moms Blog.