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Now I’ve Seen it All– A Double Stroller for Dolls

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Today I had one of those “now I’ve seen it all moments.” I saw a toddler pushing a toy double stroller down the street. Yes, it was a double! That’s when you know there’s been some sort of tipping point in demographics. In our neighborhood at least, real double strollers rule the sidewalk.
We, too, are part of the problem. Our kids may not be twins, but since they’re 18 months apart, we rock a double as well. In order to avoid pedestrians, and make it in and out of stores, we opted for a stadium seating sort of arrangement, The Jane Power Twin.
Pushing this thing is quite a work out. I’ve got 60 pounds of kids, 32 pounds of stroller, and maybe 10 pounds of diaper bag and stuff. That’s roughly 100 pounds I’m driving across pot holes, up curbs and through the park.
All of this lead me to some sort of sports injury this week. I pulled both calf muscles. Pretty pathetic. So I’m headed to the sofa now to nurse my wounds, and contemplate the state of children’s toys. Thankfully, our boys are happy with their single toy stroller. We don’t have room for another double in the apartment.