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Sometimes I Have Momnesia

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I woke up at 5:30 this morning with a flash of insight. I finally remembered where my cell phone was. It had been missing since 3 pm on Wednesday when I put it in a safe spot– a dining room chair– while I was straightening up. Of course it was such a “safe” spot, that I couldn’t find it. And not only that, I had silenced the ringer because of nap time, so calling myself was useless.
Does this ever happen to you? Do you find yourself forgetting things because you are so preoccupied with work and kids and stuff? The Today Show and USA Today say it happens to a lot of moms and they’re calling it “momnesia.” Today did a whole piece this morning on momnesia and the kids and I were included in the video. Click here if you want to check it out. The story ran again, in a slightly different version, on NBC Nightly News.
If you watch the piece, you’ll learn about some of my other momnesia highlights…like the time I bought groceries at the supermarket, and then drove away, leaving the bags behind. I didn’t realize my blunder until I got home. But hey, at least it wasn’t the kids who were left behind. Small victories.

Breast Feeding on The Tyra Banks Show

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If only all talk shows would do segments like this one….
Watch Tyra Banks get a lesson in breastfeeding. Click here to watch the video from one of her shows.
And thank you, Black Breastfeeding Blog, for bringing this to my attention.

Watch The Today Show Wednesday Morning Around 8:30

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Remember a couple of weeks ago I had a book signing and The Today Show came? They’re airing the piece tomorrow. But don’t get too excited now…the story has nothing to do with me. It’s a piece about “push presents,” or the gift a husband gives (allegedly!) a new mom after she has pushed her new baby out. Sort of crass, right?
Anyway, the camera crew and a producer came to the book signing to interview Lyss, the founder of Divalysscious Moms. She was the event host. They also interviewed some of the moms who came. (But not me).
So turn on NBC tomorrow morning, sometime around 8:30. I’m going to set my TIVO now.

Sesame Street and Breastfeeding

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Sesame Street may show Baby Bear’s little sister sucking on a pacifier and taking a bottle, but according to a posting on YouTube, the show has supported breastfeeding. Watch this clip to see some mammals (including humans) doing what we’ve done for a mighty long time.

(Thanks to Tanya and Jennifer for posting this one first.)
But a final note…before you give Sesame Street a total thumbs up, consider something I just found on ProMoma sample letter to send to Sesame Street, complaining about excessive images of bottle-feeding on Elmo.

Looking for PR Ideas For My Book

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I just Fed Ex’ed another set of revisions to my publisher. Two down, one more to go. Now I have a long author questionnaire that I need to fill out for the marketing department. Part of this involves writing a list of websites, blogs, and media outlets that might want to write about the book.
Since there are literally thousands and thousands of sites that we moms visit, this task feels a little daunting. I know what I know…but I don’t know what I don’t know.
So if anyone has suggestions, send them my way. Let me know what sites you like; what magazines you read; what TV shows you watch. I’ll add them to my list. I need all the help I can get!
In advance, thank you for your support.

ABC’s SuperNanny’s Negative Take on Breast Feeding

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Supernanny needs a “time out” of her own. In Monday’s season finale she sets out to fix the Walker family. One of the alleged chief problems, a 14 month old who, god forbid, is still breast feeding.
The Supernanny says to the mom: “So it really is in your court because I can help you either way. But the decision has to be yours.”
As it turns out, mom wants to wean. She says, “I want to do it. I want to go ahead and try it…I’m ready to wean Alyssa (spelled?). I’ve been wanting to do it for months. I just don’t know how to do. I don’t know how to do it on my own.”
Once the mom says that, the Supernanny’s true feelings come through: “I’m glad that you’ve come to that decision because it show me that you’re ready for personal growth which is good and there will be much benefit for you and Alyssa.”
I could deconstruct this episode for the rest of the night– the negative portrayals of extended breastfeeding, co-sleeping and sling-wearing. But bottom line, I think it’s a shame that the show’s producers depict breastfeeding as something to be avoided. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding for at least one year, and as long after that as the mom wants. The World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding for two years. Even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has set a goal that by 2010, 25% of all moms still breastfeed when their baby is one year old. (Healthy People 2010). As for the babies themselves, some anthropologists think children would self-wean somewhere around 3 and 4 years old.
Beyond this, the show completely ignores the health benefits that come from breastfeeding. Instead, Supernanny turns breastfeeding into something that is simply about the mother-child bond. She asks the mom, “Is the reason you’re still breastfeeding her an emotional one?” The mom answers, “It’s just the feeling of, you know, we love each other, you know.”
Yes, weaning is emotional. I was weepy when I weaned our first son at 11 months and I get teary just thinking about weaning our second son. But come on, Supernanny, you could have at least tipped your hat to the mom for keeping at it for 14 months. It’s no small feat.
Of course whether or not to breastfeed is a matter of personal choice. Breastfeeding works for some women, and not for others. But it’s too bad that Supernanny and ABC didn’t celebrate this mom’s choice, and instead presented it as an obstacle to family harmony.
Go to your “naughty mat,” Supernanny. Good riddance until next season.
And moms if you want some real advice on weaning, try Kellymom. There’s good information about the benefits of extended breastfeeding too.

Breast Feeding on the Today Show

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The Editor In Chief of BabyTalk magazine was on the Today Show this past week, talking about the challenges women face when it comes to breastfeeding. Top of the list, of course, breastfeeding anywhere outside of home. To watch the clip, click on this link. To find the video, go to the left hand column, click on “Today Health and Living” and then click on “What is Breastfeeding Etiquette.”
Moms…I’m curious to hear from you, how you’ve handled the challenge of breastfeeding in public. I’m working on that section of my book now. Cramming to get all of my edits done this week. Is there anything you want to see included? Let me know.

Breast feeding Videos

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Welcome to my new weekly feature…The Boob Tube…or You Boob.
We’ve all been hearing a lot about YouTube lately, you know the company that Google bought for $1.65 billion.
To see what all the fuss was about, I checked out YouTube, and did a test. I did a search for “breast feeding” videos and found 72 clips. They range from home movies to television commercials. Some are funny, some are serious. And so, starting today, I’ll do a YouTube breastfeeding video of the week.
To kick things off, I’ll salute my inner francophile and show you a clip of a breastfeeding commercial from the 1970′s. Click here to see the clip.
Now my French is not so great, but here’s a rough translation:
Gesture of love, Promise of health, Give them your milk, To feed better is to live better.
Wouldn’t it be a different world if we had commercials like this on the TV in the U.S?!?! And by all means, if your French comprehension is better than mine, please let me know!

Grey’s Anatomy– BreastFeeding and Breast Cancer

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Last night on Grey’s Anatomy one of the story lines follows a young mom who has breast cancer and is going to have a mastectomy. She arrives in the hospital with her husband and baby in tow. The husband tells the doctors she’s having a hard time, that she had to stop nursing and the baby won’t take a bottle. Talking amongst themselves, one of the doctors says she probably thought the lump was a plugged milk duct.
Hurray to Grey’s Anatomy for highlighting breast cancer during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is television at it’s finest! A subtle reminder to all women, even breastfeeding moms, to take any lump seriously.
I wrote an entry last week about a Seattle mom who first found a lump while breastfeeding her twins. She now runs an organization called Check Your Boobies, which promotes doing regular self breast exams. If you sign up, you can get a montly email reminder to do a check.
Grey’s Anatomy has been noted before for promoting breastfeeding. One of the main characters, Dr. Bailey, is a new mom. Not only did we get to see her endure some wonderful (imagine sarcastic tone here) labor pains, but we also got to see her breastfeeding. I actually missed that episode, but (another breastfeeding website) encouraged people to write letters to the show commending the writers.
And who said the “boob tube” wasn’t educational?!?!