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Every so often I come across a new website that makes me think, “Wow! This site is really beautiful. What a great design…time to re-do my site.” Well here’s my latest find…Vital Juice Daily.
vital juice daily.jpg
Of course there’s a lot more to Vital Juice than the colors that remind me of a cranberry and orange juice mix. Vital Juice is all about living a healthy life. There’s information about nutrition, fitness, healing, beauty, green living and social responsibility. Right now, I’m focusing on the Recipes page. There’s a lot of good advice here, including what to buy in the supermarket. And here’s a link to all of the mom and baby stories in their archives.
If you dig around the site, I’m sure you’ll find some useful information. There are editions geared towards New York and Los Angeles. And you can sign up here for a daily email.
Now full disclosure…I’m actually on Vital Juice today, as a sidebar to a breastfeeding story that has tips for nursing moms. Here’s the link. But I would have written about them anyway…despite their kind mention of my book.
Now…for that site redesign of Mama Knows Breast. Time to get cracking…